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Based in Brussels and Leuven (BE), archipelago creates contextual and sustainable architecture to better live, care, work and learn – offering a holistic vision for complex and challenging projects, amongst others large-scale hospital projects. We bring life to your projects with a unique and sensitive methodical approach supported by research and innovation, a touch of ingenuity and the collective expertise of an inspired and committed team.

Our 140-strong team of architects, engineers, urban planners, designers and experts create peaceful environments that reduce stress, encourage mobility and promote healing. We combine innovative approaches with solid experience to provide welcoming, functional and scalable health spaces.

Circular economy stands at the centre of our architectural vision. Sustainability implies much more than energy optimisation, it requires us to do more with less, to anticipate the evolution of our buildings and care for the well-being of their users without compromising comfort and design quality. We stand for an integrated approach of sustainability and well-being, at the crossroad of engineering and architecture.
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Coen van den Wijngaart
executive partner, director business development
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Bd du souverain 360 box 7 - 1160 Brussels, Belgium