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INPRO EUROPE S.r.l. is based in Italy, controlled and managed by INPRO CORPORATION USA for the sales development of INPRO products in all European Countries and constituting an international hub for other countries.

The Head office in Orvieto is where our stock warehouse is located for customer care, service, and assistance. The manufacturing of our products is carried out internally or via approved partners in the UK & Europe to ISO9001 standards.

Our mission is to offer safe, durable, handrails, wall guards, corner guards, wall protection sheet, importantly made of sustainable materials to protect the buildings and the people who use them. In our product range we offer a wide choice of colours and patterns to satisfy all our customer’s needs.

In 2019 we exclusively brought to the UK & European Market the JOINTMASTER range of expansion joints. These are used in public buildings, car parks, retail developments, airports and office premises. Our Fireline 520 &140 Fire Barriers are not only expertly engineered to handle building movement even in seismic conditions but are ready to protect in the unthinkable occurrence of a fire.

These passive systems control the spread of smoke and fire, which means people have more time to evacuate and firefighters have more time to douse the flames. The assembling of Fireline kits is now performed in Orvieto to ensure a speedier and improved service to our customers.
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Jonathan Tomlin
Sales Director
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Inpro Europe
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