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Fault lines and front lines: How do we fix our broken health system?
Partnering to deliver a new paradigm for citizen health


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Following the release of the Preliminary Programme for the 9th European Healthcare Design Congress 2023, we are delighted to invite you to join the SALUS TV live stream of a special EHD 2023 Programme Launch Panel Debate – held in collaboration with Archus and filmed live from Maggie’s Barts on 29 March, at 19.00-20.00.  

As a prelude to the EHD2023 Congress, our expert panel will confront head on the event theme, 'Fault lines and front lines: How do we fix our broken health system?', grappling with the myriad issues facing the NHS and health systems around the world, as they struggle for resilience against the impacts of climate change, a pandemic, active conflicts, economic volatility and inflation. 


These events and their effects have laid bare global health inequalities, creating hunger, poverty, displacement and disease that are testing the resilience of our health systems and infrastructure. Our political, social and economic systems and institutions, need to be strengthened to create a buffer against this turbulence. A resilient and high-performing health system can be the tie that binds citizens, communities and society together.


The global workforce crisis in healthcare is also centre stage. By 2030, the world will be short of 15 million health workers. But attracting more health workers to join exhausted professions, burdened mentally and physically from the pandemic, is, however, only part of the solution. New models of care and advances in the life sciences and digital and medical technology, from AI to personalised medicine, have huge potential to transform the quality and access to care and address health inequities in society.


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Learn more about the panel live stream and register here.