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European Healthcare Design 2018

Democratising capital – the choice to invest in health

By Louise Wilson 23 Oct 2018 0

This keynote explores how capital can be democratised, giving community investors the choice to invest in health.

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At a time when the operational costs of delivering high-quality, accessible, equitable and affordable healthcare are rising exponentially, traditional ways of securing capital financing for new health infrastructure projects are fraught with social, political and financial risk. 

At the same time, today’s technology is creating new ways of both raising finance and providing direct opportunities for the public and community to invest in infrastructure projects that directly and tangibly serve their needs, and provide a return.

This keynote will explore how capital can be democratised, giving community investors the choice to invest in health.

Specialising in structuring and marketing investment offers to the public for organisations and projects that want to help bring about a better future, Abundance has a track record in providing long- and short-term debt in the renewable and energy sector, including for construction and development capital.

With more than 4000 investors, it is now expanding into other infrastructure and delivery services, such as housing, transport, education, communications, utilities – as well as healthcare – which will play an important role in delivering a more sustainable future.

Abundance structures its investments as debentures, which are debt-based securities that offer returns to investors from the tangible development of projects. Investment opportunities are available for every stage of a project’s life. Options have been created to refinance construction finance into long-term debentures, providing full lifecycle finance and bringing investment from the public into projects at competitive rates.

It has funded three construction raises since 2015, providing investors the opportunity to diversify their existing Abundance portfolios with riskier and higher-return projects, as well as put their money to work in building new infrastructure to bring about a greener and healthier future.

Public engagement is recognised as key, both to achieve a successful finance raise and to ensure broader social objectives are met. Abundance focuses on creating local engagement through bespoke communications to ensure the key benefits for the local community are promoted, helping to ensure a smooth and inclusive approach to achieving a successful project.

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