Architects for Health

Architects for Health is a non-profit organisation for architects and others interested in the design and planning of healthcare facilities. Its inception in 1992 was a response to the considerable strategic change in the health sector. Since then, AfH has established a forum for new ideas and has grown into an organisation with a 500-strong membership list for whom it provides a national network of support and the means to influence policy.

The aim of Architects for Health is to promote and campaign for better healthcare environments through bringing together organisations and individuals who share an interest in excellence in the planning and design of healthcare facilities.

AfH is working to improve the quality of specifications for healthcare buildings and proactively to support the inclusion of healthcare sector buildings in the curricula of departments and schools of architecture in the UK.

The annual programme of activities promotes a better understanding of current issues in health planning and design and keeps members informed across the whole range of topics in the health sector.

All events are wide-ranging in scope and include joint events with clinical societies and royal colleges, or with representatives of organisations active in the procurement of health facilities.

Arrangements are made to visit health facilities at home and abroad, and include presentations and discussion with their designers and management.
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