SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

SALUS is an entrepreneurial global media, research, publishing, events and training organisation with a vision to improve human and planetary health through the global exchange of knowledge.

Our mission is to create, share and disseminate knowledge about the relationship between human health and the natural, built and social environments. We view the two great challenges of our age – the need to maintain and improve human health in the face of ageing populations and chronic disease, and addressing climate change through more sustainable management of our finite resources – as inextricably linked.

Knowledge exchange – events, broadcasting, and research:

European Healthcare Design Congress:
Launched in 2015, the Congress brings together 1000+ interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners, in person and virtually, from the fields of health system and service design, technology and infrastructure.

International symposiums:
New for 2023, SALUS is running a series of international symposiums, providing a deep dive into a range of specialist themes.

Healthy City Design International Congress:
Launched in 2017, the Congress brings together 400+ leading researchers, practitioners and policy thinkers, in person and virtually, from across the fields of urban health and sustainable development / planetary health. This year, for the first time, the Congress will be held at the Spine, the Royal College of Physicians’ headquarters in Liverpool.

Making the virtual experience richer and more entertaining, SALUS TV enables talks and content from SALUS events and webinars to be live streamed and made available on-demand for audiences to access anywhere around the world, making knowledge on designing for human and planetary health more accessible.

The SALUS journal and online community:
A resource providing a digital platform for publishing, mapping and archiving research, policy and practice in the field of designing for human and planetary health. In eight years, SALUS has published more than 6000 articles and abridged research papers, and 3000 hours of video talks and posters.

Research advisory:
In collaboration with its global network of researchers, practitioners and policy thinkers, SALUS’ independent research advisory supports city planning authorities and national and local health systems to develop their future thinking and strategy at the intersection of design and planning for health, wellbeing and sustainable development. In its most recent publication, SALUS produced a ‘Guiding principles’ document to support the development of Veraine, a planned new healthy community, in Pickering, Canada.
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