Sykehusbygg HF (Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency)

Sykehusbygg (Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency) was founded in November 2014.

Sykehusbygg is owned by Norway's four regional health authorities, which, in turn, derive their funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Health.

The aim of the agency is to ensure national know-how for hospital planning, design, engineering and construction at the highest international level. Sykehusbygg seeks to facilitate and contribute to progressive hospital development projects through innovation, experience, standardisation, project management and best practices.

Sykehusbygg looks to ensure that experience from management and operation of hospital property is taken into account in new hospital development projects. The agency must be used by all major Norwegian hospital development projects (over NOK 500 million).

Sykehusbygg only serves the four regional health authorities and their underlying authorities, as well as parties entering into a joint ownership with these bodies. The organisation’s headquarters is in Trondheim, central Norway. This year, it’s expected that the agency will have about 180 employees.
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Sykehusbygg HF (Norwegian Hospital Construction Agency)
Holtermanns veg 3 7030 Trondheim