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MJ Medical is a leading healthcare planning and design consultancy. Established for over 35 years, we have helped plan, design, and equip more than 300 healthcare facilities across 75 countries totalling approximately US$100 billion in capital value. Our work includes world leading tertiary hospitals, remote rural health clinics, and everything in between.

Our extensive and diverse global experience enables us to deliver innovative services that are sensitive to local cultural and socio-economic considerations. The knowledge base we derive from our research and development programme supports the provision of intelligent, flexible healthcare buildings able to respond to future changes in clinical best-practise, medical technology, and the needs of the communities they serve.

Our team of experienced economists, academics, architects, engineers, procurement specialists, and clinicians deliver tailored, evidence-based solutions at all stages of the healthcare facility development process. Each service we provide is enhanced by our detailed understanding of the other parts of the process.

We understand the motivations and priorities of different stakeholders in the healthcare facility development process, from financier to operator, from construction contractor to clinicians and patients. Our skill lies in collaborating with those stakeholders to arrive at a solution which supports clinical excellence, delivers value for money, and is adaptable enough to respond to changing demand and utilisation.
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