Our Vision

Healthy Planet. Healthy People.
SALUS is a global media, publishing, research, events and training organisation with a vision to improve human and planetary health by design.
Our mission is to create, share and disseminate knowledge concerning the relationship between human health and the natural, built and social environment with a focus on the intersection of science & technology, architecture, lifestyle, urbanism, and sustainable development (SALUS).

We believe that the two great challenges of our age – the need to maintain and improve human health in the face of ageing populations and an epidemic of chronic disease and addressing climate change through a more sustainable management of the earth’s finite resources – are inextricably linked. Healthy people require a healthy planet.
In today’s global knowledge society, the solutions to this huge human and planetary health crisis lie within our grasp, but will require global political will and a wider sense of civic responsibility and corporate social responsibility to embrace collaboratively the social, economic and environmental changes needed.
SALUS aims to support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement's global climate goals by building interdisciplinary professional communities and networks that will facilitate knowledge-led collaborations through a range of media, publishing, research, events and training activities that promote the application and interaction of art, science, culture and innovation.

Our vision

To improve human and planetary health by design

Our mission

To share and disseminate knowledge of the relationship between human and planetary health and the natural, built, social & technological environment

Our objectives

  • To build a global interdisciplinary knowledge hub and community
  • To empower collaboration between researchers, policy-makers and practitioners
  • To promote the interface of science, art, culture and innovation
  • To showcase global expertise in the field of human & planetary health
  • To build knowledge & skills capacity through education & training
  • To create an innovative environment for commercial and global market development
  • To build a digital archive of research, built projects & innovations

Our values


We actively develop and apply the necessary knowledge, skills, behaviours and learning opportunities to achieve quality outcomes for the community we serve. Attention to detail is embedded in our mindset, and we aim to do things right first time. We are driven by continuous improvement to ensure that quality is achieved with a human touch and personal warmth.


We are committed to a shared sense of purpose and the best of family values. We are open, transparent and honest in supporting each other so we can maintain clarity, and stay focused and resolute for the benefit of our colleagues and community. We are dedicated and tenacious in ensuring that the quality of the human experience sits at the heart of everything we do.


We are flexible and open-minded amid constant change and committed to the path of continuous learning and the advancement of knowledge. We aim to adapt quickly, learn from our mistakes, embrace risk, and constantly seek challenges and opportunities for growth and development. We recognise the value of being multi-skilled and knowledge-led in responding to the needs of the community we serve.


We promote intellectual curiosity, and deliver positive outcomes through creative thinking and inspired problem-solving. We embrace trans-disciplinary collaboration and connectivity as a means to stimulate innovation internally and within our community. Through the exchange of knowledge and sharing of ideas, we aim to create insights to shape and improve human and planetary health.


We embrace and nurture trust and respect in all undertakings and relationships with all of our community. We aim to be clear and consistent in all aspects of our work, and deliver on what we promise. We will strive, at all times, to ensure our decision-making is founded on doing the right thing for our community and wider society – and remain focused on delivering positive outcomes in an open, ethical and sustainable manner.