Who we are

The SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange leadership team and staff possess considerable experience of multiple markets across the commercial, non profit, government, public sector and media and communications sectors. We believe in being accessible to community at all times and you are welcome to contact us either through our personal profiles within the SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, by e-mail or through the Contact Us form on the Exchange.

Marc Sansom

Director at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

As the founding director of SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, we believe that only through transparent collaboration and partnership can the world come together to solve today's big challenges to improve human and planetary health. SALUS is a global platform for sharing knowledge on how to use the power of design to create a healthier planet and sustain a healthy future for ourselves and our children.

Andrew Sansom

Editor and Knowledge Manager at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

I am Editorial Director and Knowledge Manager at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange, writing on issues relating to healthcare design and architecture, health and wellbeing, and sustainability. I also have editorial expertise and experience in occupational health and safety, including workplace health issues.

Nicki Roessler

Executive Associate at SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange

I am a highly organised, creative and versatile professional with strong analytical and research skills; extensive experience of working with and alongside high level officers; a conscientious and accurate worker who takes pride in my work; excellent communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills with the proven ability to support business objectives and effectively coordinate resources; experienced in managing staff together with HR issues/procedures and recruitment