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European Healthcare Design 2020

EHD 2020: The health gap: building a health-creating society

By SALUS User Experience Team 10 Dec 2020 0

This plenary of keynote talks explored wider issues around health, wellness, life expectancy, health inequalities, and how technology may be deployed to address these problems.


Lord Nigel Crisp, co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Global Health and a former NHS chief executive, explained how there is a tendency in the UK and elsewhere to think that the NHS equals health, or health equals the NHS, or health equals the health system.

Related to the issues raised by Lord Crisp, Jennifer Dixon, chief executive of the Health Foundation, then took up the mantle of describing to delegates why life expectancy in the UK and in other countries around the world is stalling, and what can be done to address widening health inequalities.

The final keynote speaker, Alberto Sanna, from the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Italy, completed the session by offering some research and practical insights into how technology might be deployed to enhance health and wellbeing.