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European Healthcare Design 2017

Keynote address: Citizens’ views of health services around the world

By Bobby Duffy 26 Jul 2017 0

Bobby discusses the variation between how people in different countries rate their current healthcare services, and how this relates to their concern about the future of the services.

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For example, Ipsos data reveals that there are ‘worried well’ countries, where citizens rate the quality of their current healthcare highly but are very worried about what it will look like in the future.

It seems there is little correlation between the level of concern people feel about their healthcare and actual health indicators, or actual expenditure on health. Bobby will look at what this means for the UK in more detail, exploring exactly what people are concerned about, as well as which aspects of future healthcare systems might be more attractive than others. He will also draw on insights from behavioural research about the extent to which people are keen to take responsibility to improve their own health.

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